The Ripple

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  • A simple bowl and plate combination used to hold soup, sandwich, and chips in one hand.
  • The Ripple bowl and plate can attach and detach with an easy to use twist and lock system.
  • Microwave safe so you can grab a steaming hot bowl of leftovers from the microwave without getting burned.
  • No table in your dorm room or apartment? No problem, The Ripple bowl with a handle and plate doesn't need a table so you can eat anywhere.
  • The Ripple is made of high quality BPA free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe plastic.

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Why the Ripple?

  • We set out to design a unique product that will meet the needs of the modern family!
  • The Ripple is a portable dish the consists of an interlocking bowl and plate
  • The Ripple is the world's only detachable bowl with a handle and plate
  • Take the chips and dip plate with you and avoid "the embarrassment spill!"
  • For the most part, dishes have remained unchanged since their creation (about 250 years ago), yet the way that people eat has evolved dramatically
  • The Ripple will change the way people eat soup and sandwiches, chips and dip, at parties, at BBQ's and camping

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