The Ripple

The Ripple Story

The Ripple started in Kevin's ceramic studio in Wyoming as a mission to design and throw a bowl/plate combination that would allow people to eat anywhere comfortably.  Now, after 4 years and countless hours he has created the world's only detachable bowl and plate out of a high quality plastic. This modern artistic design is an essential innovation to the traditional bowl and plate.

Kevin is an artist, designer and teacher born and raised in Montana. He has spent the last 8 years of his life teaching teenagers from Wyoming and Montana how to be creative and moonlighting as a freelance designer and photographer. Kevin is a dedicated family man, who prioritizes family events with his wife Les, being with friends and creating art along the way. Kevin has a spark for creative design that inspires the people around him and a passion to bring those ideas to life. His off the wall ideas have led to beautiful and unique award winning designs.

We believe in creativity and innovation so much that we have dedicated our lives to it. Your support is greatly appreciated, we will not let you down!

Kevin Scharfe and Leslie Scharfe

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