• The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate
  • The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate
  • The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate
  • The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate
  • The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate
  • The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate

The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate


  • A simple bowl and plate combination used to hold soup, sandwich, and chips in one hand.
  • The Ripple bowl and plate can attach and detach with an easy to use twist and lock system.
  • Microwave safe so you can grab a steaming hot bowl of leftovers from the microwave without getting burned.
  • No table in your dorm room or apartment? No problem, The Ripple bowl with a handle and plate doesn't need a table so you can eat anywhere.
  • The Ripple is made of high quality BPA free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe plastic.

Perfect For: 

and more!

Why the Ripple?

  • We set out to design a unique product that will meet the needs of the modern family!
  • The Ripple is a portable dish the consists of an interlocking bowl and plate
  • The Ripple is the world's only detachable bowl with a handle and plate
  • Take the chips and dip plate with you and avoid "the embarrassment spill!"
  • For the most part, dishes have remained unchanged since their creation (about 250 years ago), yet the way that people eat has evolved dramatically
  • The Ripple will change the way people eat soup and sandwiches, chips and dip, at parties, at BBQ's and camping


Support Local Businesses and Made in Montana

July 28, 2014

Guess What!? The Ripple was originally designed and thrown in a ceramics studio in Wyoming by Kevin Scharfe and now it's manufactured right here in Montana. Really good to know! 

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Thank You Kickstarter Backers

December 08, 2013

Here is a list of people we owe a huge Thank You!  These people believed in The Ripple and helped launch this product!  Thank You Kickstarter Backers!Aaron Zander and Sarah Mastro,Adam Marshall,Adrienne Clagett,Aimee Kanemori,Alice Chittenden,Alistair CF McConnell,ALS,Alton Lecdford,Amy,Amy Lippert,Anat Barzillai,Andreas Dinesen,Andrew Crouthamel,Andrew Klapper,Andy & Katie Rowse,Angela Wilmot,Angelyn DeYoung,Anita Friedman,anola & maril,anon,Anubhav Mehrotra,Arnold & Susan Clark,Arpa Aghamalian,Arvind,Ashley A. Shaw,Ashley Chouinard,Ashley Schneider, Photographer,Ashley T.AupiedJC,Austin Burgin,Azaly Rezza Feisal Azlin,Barry Wulfe,Bart & Greta Hammond,Ben Keeley,Ben Rushing,Benjamin Rosenstein,Bernard Gravel,Beth McNeal,Betty Dalary,Billie,Blake and Stephanie Stokke,Bonkers,Brad Haigh,Brenda Wetstein,Brilliant!,Bryan Stafford,C. Jaraczeski,C. N.,Carl Ramsey,Carl Swienton,carol lustig,Carol T. Hutchinson,Carolyn Sorgenfrei,Casnjem,cathy stern,Chabao,Chad Morgan,Charles & Dianne Howerton,Charles McMahon,Charles Murray,Chris Liger Supino,Chris Smith,Christian 'Mexico' Sanchez,Christie McIver,Christina Duncan,Christina Lafferty,Christopher J Goebel,Chuck and Melody Schwartz,Chuck Ansley,Coty Back,Craig and Linda Cusack,Craig Toth,Cristhian + Arazeli,D. McGregor,Dale Butler,Dallas...

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